Beadles dealership in Aylesford launches investigation after customer's car 'taken on joyride'

Beadles dealership in Aylesford launches investigation after customer’s car ‘taken on joyride’

News 20-11-2017

A dealership is investigating claims a customer’s car was taken on a joyride after the owner discovered dash-cam footage of two test drives.

The film appears to show the Volkswagen Golf being driven at 44mph in a 30mph zone, through a red light, and on another occasion, a mechanic revving the engine and boasting to colleagues about the sound of the turbo.

Dan Orrells, from Loose, dropped off the 17 plate estate at Beadles in Aylesford on Wednesday, March 14 when he noticed an issue with a rear wheel bearing which was causing an unusual noise.

Volkswagen Beadles in Wood Close,Aylesford

He explained it was causing a noise to occur when the car was gradually brought up to a speed of 50 to 60mph.

The 31-year-old video production worker was horrified when he looked back at footage on his dash-cam and saw the mechanic seemingly revelling in the power and sound of the two-litre turbo engine.

Mr Orrells said: “It is clear the guy is driving the car erratically. They changed the car setting from eco to race mode.

“With that on you can’t hear this noise from the back wheel and how he is driving it.”

Mr Orrells, who left the car with mechanics in Wood Close, is now demanding answers from Beadles after his car was returned to him with 20 extra miles on the clock.

Questions are also being asked of the dealership and garage over the conduct of the driver, with the footage appearing to show the car going through a red light along London Road.

Mr Orrells said: “When I dropped it off I explained that you can hear the noise when you gradually speed up to 50-60mph. He had no interest in hearing it. It’s short, sharp acceleration.

“I got an email saying there would be investigation. One guy said he was horrified by what he has seen and he said those involved have been disciplined.”

VW Golf estate like Daniel Orrell’s

The footage also shows the dash-cam film ending abruptly, prompting Mr Orrells to believe they unplugged it to prevent any further filming.

He added: “How do I know in six weeks’ time if I’ll get a ticket for jumping a red light or speeding ticket?”

David May, after sales manager for Beadles, confirmed an investigation has been launched.

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